Hi, I’m Fi! I love gin, prosecco, large dogs, reading, chocolate, Netflix, cake, early bedtimes, pajamas, pudding, slipper socks, medium sized dogs, talking, the NHS, oak furniture, organising the shit out of life, symmetry, curries of all nationalities, and controversially, mixing fruit with savoury foods and mixing hot and cold foods.

This is not a complete list.


Things that I am not very keen on:

Birds, red wine, people who are “too full for pudding” (WTF is that all about?), people who “don’t have a sweet tooth”, disorganised people, raw onion, dogs that I can trip over, Crohns disease.

This is absolutely not a complete list.

I’m thirty five years old and married to Guy. We have two children. We will not be having a third.