I just wanted to say…..

So, it’s been a month. A whole month since I completed my marathon attempt. Over the last few weeks I have been asked the same question many, many times:

Did I get lady chafe?

Just joking – and no, I didn’t . You see people, research and thorough planning make for a happier though less spontaneous life. #chafefree #apartfromtheunderboob

The question was of course would I run another marathon?

Well I’ve not had the urge to sign up to another one, if that’s what you mean. I’ve forgotten most of the pain now, and I’m left with a lingering love for McDonalds* strawberry milkshakes but I’m good for now, thanks.

*Other horrifically unhealthy dairy based beverages are available from other shitty burger places.

I enjoyed the lead up to it, following other people on Instagram as they went through their training programme just like me. But here’s the difference – they run marathons all the time. We all ran a marathon, they had a couple of weeks off, and then they started what they call ‘the cycle’ all over again, ready to try and knock another few seconds off their PB. I’m getting tired just IG stalking them.

I’m quite enjoying not running stupid distances at the moment or deciding that actually I’d rather go for a swim today. LIFE IS JUST CRAZY NOWADAYS WITH THE CHOICES.

I even manage to stay awake until 10pm some nights.

Maybe one day a friend will sign up for one, and I will get jealous over their achievements and decide I want to do another one. Maybe so. Maybe not.

I haven’t fallen out of love with running. I know some people don’t run for weeks after a marathon and I absolutely can understand why they don’t. Maybe it was the new trainers that did it? But I am enjoying just going for a run that you can fit into your day, rather than having to block out the day in the calendar just so you can run. Not a very sociable thing, this marathon training.

I have also enjoyed going swimming for a change, and I’ve dusted off the old bike which I haven’t used since I was pulling Child 1 around in his chariot – he is now 9 which shows how long ago that was. We went for a bike ride together the other day and I really enjoyed myself. I obviously let him beat me just to be a good sport….

Anyway, what is the point of this yarn? Well, the reason why I am here now, is to say thank you.

I received an email the other day from Just Giving to say that I was in the top 5% of fund raisers for the month of May.

Now I don’t know if this is something they just send out to everyone, but I thought it was worthy of a short blog because the reason why I raised anything at all is you. Let’s face it, I didn’t put in any money – kind of figured I was doing enough, TBH. But you all sponsored me a grand total of £1462 which is just brilliant. Guy and I are so grateful for your generosity as together with good old Gift Aid, that is quite a total. And quite a lot of toilet paper can be purchased as a result of your kind hearts to help people with Crohns and Colitis across the UK. (And probs other stuff as well, not just bog roll. I just made that up.)

For us, life just trundles on. Guy has been suffering with fatigue over the last couple of days. Fatigue is a  side effect of Crohns and just another example of how people can see illnesses like this as a complete joke. Because yes, we all feel a bit tired, don’t we? So why don’t they just man up and get on with things?

He said that it is a weird feeling, like it is too painful to stay awake any longer and he absolutely has to shut his eyes and go to sleep. It doesn’t matter what he tries to do, he cannot stay awake and he suddenly has no energy at all, like a light switch has just been flicked off. So quite handy that he wasn’t operating any heavy machinery at the time.

Invisible illnesses are tough because the sufferers don’t look poorly on the outside, but they might be crippled with pain, fatigue, or/and nausea on the inside. They have all these side effects from the illness and the medication that they take, which is supposed to make them feel better but can make them feel really crappy in other ways.

Plus they have to battle with everybody’s judgement. “Well he looks fine to me.” And yes, they do. Short of having T shirts and badges printed with things like “I poo all the time”, “I have an impressive tumour going on”, “my heart is a bit shit” or some other equally catchy slogan, there isn’t much that people can do about their invisible illnesses. It might be the reason why that commuter never offers his seat up on the train. It might be why that little boy can’t run as fast as the other children and gets worn out more easily. It might be why that woman is a bit larger than you have deemed it is socially acceptable for her to be.

But of course you all get this, because you have been reading this little blog and you have sponsored money towards one of the great charities that is constantly working to help these people and to raise awareness.

You are brilliant. Let’s just get everyone else to be just as brilliant.

So thanks. I really mean it.

And yes, now considering an invisible illness T shirt printing business. SickSlogans4U.




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