Weeks Ten and Eleven: The Plod Continues

Wow, I can’t quite believe that I’m into double figures of the training programme!

I’ve actually had a really good fortnight, despite feeling a little sniffly and wheezy this week and having to take First Defense throughout the day – I’ve been hanging out with various germy old people recently as it was my in laws’ Diamond Wedding Anniversary and there have been two parties to celebrate this achievement, both of which saw octogenarians coughing all over me. So far, Vicks, Gin and oranges have seen me right, but I’m not confident that I’ve escaped it yet.

Week ten was a very tiring week in terms of work and us hosting one of the anniversary parties on the Saturday. Another lesson that I have learned during this training is that when you commit to training for a marathon and find a training plan, it is best to put all your long runs in your phone calendar (or diary or whatever) immediately, so that you know what you are required to do then.

This means that when, in January, you get a bit pissed and proclaim that “WE will have a party for you, it is totally fine” you might be reminded of the fact that you don’t actually have as empty a diary as you think. Or maybe block out the time, rather than just a ‘run 16 miles’ entry so that you are aware it will take a little longer than five minutes to knock out before you can start making sandwiches and scones.

Anyway…..the running itself was fine. Midweek runs were four, eight and five miles respectively and then a planned sixteen on the Saturday. I have been sticking to the plan with these midweek runs because I know that these are the ones that are doing all the work in improving my endurance and getting my legs used to running tired. I’ll be honest, the Thursday run is never much fun – done really early in the morning on a treadmill before a day of work on knackered legs.  Come to think of it, the Tuesday short run (intervals) is not much of a hoot either, also a very early treadmill run pre work. But still, needs must.

I do like getting outside on the Wednesday for the longer run, and as this is my day off it is more like a weekend run. I also find it is a true indicator of how far I have come, when your mid week run is longer than your previous ‘long’ weekend runs were.

For the Saturday long runs, I am trying to go further than the plan stipulates – this is because I don’t want to just run twenty miles as my last long run – the Sports Therapist I saw suggested that I add a mile or two onto each and try to aim for 22-23. This will help a lot mentally, knowing that I have nearly done the distance, rather than just sticking with twenty and hoping that “the crowd will carry you through the next six”. WILL THEY? I am dubious.

So for this week, I was due to do sixteen (which I had done the week before, instead of the prescribed fifteen) and so I aimed for seventeen. Even after the busy week, and early starts and lots of evening baking for the party, I found that I was quite happy to set out for seventeen. Mentally, it really helped that I had already done nearly the full distance the week before, and so just like Forrest, I just kept running. Thought not as quick, and I don’t think my beard got quite that long.

I was really chuffed with myself and my pace, and I felt pretty good afterwards. I had remembered to take Imodium beforehand to stop the pooping and to glug down dioralyte after I got back to stop the vomming.  I then ate cake and drank prosecco for the rest of the day before passing out from exhaustion at 8pm, just like all fine athletes do.


This last week was one of those drop back weeks, where you’re supposed to feel like you’re having a holiday or something and resting up. Whatevs.

The midweek distances were all the same, and the run today was meant to be twelve, so I decided to make it a half just because.

It wasn’t anything earth shattering, but I did get an insight into trail running thanks to all the mud on the way down and back from the reservoir. My poor trainers.

That reservoir again. 
I’ve ended March on a total of 133.9 (yes that is annoying) miles run, which is the most by far that I have ever done. I know that the serious marathon runners knock out 200+ miles so for them, this is a laughably small total but I don’t care.

In Guy’s world, his colonoscopy went well, he has been moved onto the other part of the trial now where he is definitely getting the drug again. The bowel prep was incredibly effective this time around, it was like living with a volcano. We’ve treated ourselves to a new toilet seat this week because they take a hammering when they are sat on by a Crohn’s sufferer multiple times a day, and bleach can only do so much over time.

As always a massive, massive thanks to you lovely people who have all donated to the Crohns and Colitis UK charity. If you want to donate, the link is here. We really appreciate it.

Every step I take, every poo he makes, or whatever Sting said.

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