Weeks four and five: The Spout

I know, I’ve barely made it into the training and already I’m skipping weeks in blog land. It occurred to me that perhaps you don’t want regular updates about my weekly efforts so I thought I’d give you a break.

But I’m back now. Soz.

Thanks for all the tips in terms of snackage. Also thanks to Annie who read my blog and turned up with flapjack to feed me. That is true friendship right there. (*cough* lemon drizzle cake). She has a very fine recipe with just the amount of butter/syrup to make it chewy but not too gooey, so I have pinched it and have been making flapjacks and eating many flapjacks. The good thing about a flapjack is that you can chuck in seeds/nuts/fruit and then call it fruit.

This week’s batch has apricot, sultanas, almonds and sunflower seeds. It’s like rabbit food, wrapped in a tasty saturated fat blanket.
Last week I did cranberry, raisin and pecan nuts. (Note: I only get to eat some of these, some of them seem to just disappear…..)

So I have been eating more but I am still trying not to just use this as an excuse to eat all the biscuits, because – well, as a former fattie, it’s probably not a good idea to give me free rein with all the biscuits because I will just go for it.

Note exhibit A:

Living my best life. Compression socks, dressing gown, and a chocolate filled doughnut. 
What I’m on the hunt for this week (and I suspect this will be more for the ladies, but feel free, chaps, to join in if you are partial to a running in a pair of knickers) is advice re pants (knickers).

Is it worth spending the cash on things like runderwear? These special pants that are specially designed for running? Are they really THAT good? If so, which ones?

Any pants recommendations, please send them my way. I think I might need some new running specific ones, as currently it’s just whatever is in the drawer and I’m not all that sure they are up to the challenge of longer mileage without causing a little bit of …..injury. If there is a pair that offers a sweat and chafe free hug for your bottom, then I am all ears…..LMK.

You will be pleased to hear that I don’t have a picture of my current M&S basic pants, so here is an empty tin of golden syrup instead. Every time I empty a tin, I hate myself. And then buy another one….
 So, off the pants, onto the running.

Last week’s requirement was 2 x 3 mile runs, 1 x 5 miles and then a joyful weekend stint of 10 miles.

The weekday shorter runs were done on the treadmill, and then Pearl (the Anti blogger) was able to join me for the long run on Saturday morning. It was cold that week, sleety and cold. The treadmill was a very handy accessory to have and although it can be dull, I still got the mileage done.

For the long weekend run, we are lucky enough to have a handily placed reservoir nearly on our doorstep, and a jog to, around and back from that was 11.5 miles door to door for me. Plus you get the treat of a warm toilet half way round. Living the dream.

Any action shot modelling needed, you just shout. I’m a natural. 
You might notice that I am sporting my new hydration back pack that Guy got me for Christmas. I am a very thirsty person and I always carry my own water with me (yes I do know there are drink stations during races). I wanted a backpack as previously I have used a bottle and belt, but this wouldn’t be any good for longer runs. Plus it did give Pearl the opportunity to ask me if she could suck on my spout at regular intervals. Or teat. Apologies to all the other Draycote runners and walkers who happened to catch bits of our conversation.

It also means I have a bigger pocket for all the essentials. If you’re interested, my essentials are a phone for emergencies, a debit card for cake emergencies, tissues for nose emergencies and Vaseline for cracked lips and chafe emergencies.

So that, with the usual cross training of exercise bike, twice daily dog walks and  some resistance band core work was the end of week four.

Week five is what I believe to be a step down week, where you do a bit less mileage to rest and prepare for the next push up in mileage. So this was a week of 2 x 3 miles, 1 x 5 miles and a 7 mile ‘long run’ today.

Pearl was able to make the first weekday run, but her schedule didn’t allow any more. I did a treadmill Tuesday, an outdoor run on Wednesday and then had to do another treadmill run today for the 7 miles as Guy was out.

No photographer on Wednesday, but at least you get a close up of ‘the spout’.
Nothing eventful happened, and I’m boring myself writing about it so it can’t be a fun read.

So onward to next week. Not long now until the mileage surpasses my furthest ever (13.5 miles).

I need to start thinking about some form of food to take out for longer runs. Tips so far have been chopped up Mars bars, jelly babies, fruit (i.e. raisins), Kendall mint cake…. I don’t know as I am yet to try any. Any tips welcome as always –  I think it is clear that I’ve got no idea. I’ve previously used Tailwind which I found good and as I carry my own drink this is possibly what I will use again as it tops you up with a few calories without having to eat anything. I’ve heard gel horror stories so I’m going to give them a miss. No one wants to do a Paula if they can possibly help it.

I would like to say thank you so so much to those of you who have sponsored me so far. I really appreciate every single penny, and even though its a bit dull reading about my training runs, hopefully you can see that I’m doing my best and putting the work and doughnut eating in. Special thanks goes to my little brother who donated when inebriated.

The link is here if you want to donate.

That’s it from me, I will leave you in peace to enjoy the weekend.

One thought on “Weeks four and five: The Spout

  1. How do you get one with the pouch? I too am a very thirsty runner and at the moment use water bottles in a belt but they keep falling out! Does the backpack make you more hot? Does the water taste strange through the spout? Does it get warm because it’s strapped to your back?

    I have tried Kendal Mint Cake when running and whilst I liked it you get very sticky hands and crave something savoury very quickly. At the moment I’m using Cliff Shot Blocs and Gels which I like, but again they are sweet.


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